Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Technology and frustrations

Oh dear. It is not good when the source of your power dies. My power pack for my ancient MacBook has fried itself after many years of faithful service. So I go to a store to buy the expensive replacement and ask ernestly, several times is this the right waving the old one int their general direction. To be told yes and relieve me of significant amounts of money. And it IS NOT the correct one. Urghhhhh. Not happy.

So doing my online readings is going to be a little difficult. I am glad that I have may iPad and it seems that I am being forced to get better acquainted with my new tool/toy. I must admit that I have been much happier to use the old faithful laptop as I prefer the keyboard and everything is set up the way I like it. I just need to get over myself and get on with it.

So I am planing to do much more online via the iPad. There might have to be three minutes silence for the old clunker (no disrespect to those in Christchurch). Fingers crossed there will be no more obstacles, flu, admin glitches with the uni and now the power pack. On the bright side, it is the third thing, so it should be smooth sailing from now. Here's hoping.

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