Sunday, March 6, 2011

Community Analysis of myschool!

Reading – Bishop, K (2007). Community Analysis and needs assessment in The Collection Program in Schools: Concepts, practices and information sources (4th edition) (pp. 19-24) Westport,Conn. : Libraries Unlimited.

Do you feel the areas of need stated are the appropriate ones school library collections should be developed to meet?

Although it was somewhat American-centric, the underlying principles for finding out information about your school and the community needs that you are serving are applicable anywhere. I do feel that they are appropriate – if somewhat exhaustive, but all factor examined will have some influence on the needs of the users and thus the demands placed upon the collection.

How thorough a knowledge do you have of the teaching and learning context and the teacher – learning characteristics present within your school or a school you are familiar with?

I realised reading through the article that I have a limited and superficial knowledge of the school. I have no understanding or comprehension of the South Western Sydney region or the aspirations for the student or the historical basis of the school. The knowledge will gradually come and there are plenty of places to access this required information so a detailed picture can be formed of the school, the wider community and how the collection needs to serve those using it.

How might data on these areas be effectively gathered?

Access public documents such as myschool website (it has got to have its uses), the school management plan and annual reports, naplan results as well as conducting teacher and student surveys, visiting local public and university libraries.

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