Saturday, March 5, 2011

Podcast on Education for Library Professionals in the Digital Age

In this address, Dagmar Schmidmaier AM reflects on how we should be educating the librarians of the future, at the tertiary level.

This forum was held at the Victorian State Library on 6 February 2007.

It was a suggested text for ETL401.

Some interesting points raised by Dagmar was that:
  • libraries must be seen as integral part of education
  • as an essential contributor to those it serves within the educational field
  • That libraries and librarians supports the specific curriculum needs AND is a place for exploration of ideas and innovation.

The Challenge is that the vital role of libraries is understood. This is an ongoing process and we as professionals need to up to date with the needs of clients, be aware of the political and environmental situations.

A modern library is a place where technologies need to meld.

She posed an interesting questions - Do you want the catalogue (which isn't that engaging or user friendly in my library OR technologically up to date)to be the first thing that users see - either physically or on-line? Perhaps on the of the challenges is to rethink the manner in which you engage and brand your information services to your clients.

So Dagmar put forward that one of the key role that the technologies allow a 21st century library to do is to provide your clients with a simple, clear and compelling message about your library. Aim to have both on-line and physical aspects of the library to be


Identify the needs of your clients and being proactive about these needs.

And ultimately Dagmar makes a plea for the educational standards - training for the profession - to be maintained - thereby ensuring the future and status of the profession of Teacher/Librarians.

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