Saturday, March 5, 2011

Being a TL in a PL world

Do you agree with Doug Johnson that students, and indeed younger teachers, are increasingly 'post-literate' in the manner that he defines and uses this term?

SCIS Connections Issue no. 72 Term 1 2010 ISSN1440 2076

I do feel at times that those not of Gen Y and younger do tend you express somewhat sepia toned nostalgia for the methods they used and resources they accessed when growing up. Perhaps it is the unsettling nature of the rapid change we are all experiencing in the modern world. That said, Johnson’s definition of post-literate individual rings true. Any student I imagine or encounter in public spaces in the recent past ticks all the boxes he presents.

So taking into consideration the multimedia formats which are preferred by the post-literate learner and library user are or can be very powerful learning tools to engage the post-literate student and move them towards deep learning and critical literacy. I find this to be quite an exciting and challenging prospect.

Are school libraries and their collections already adopting the critical attributes that Johnson is proposing?

Yes I do feel that most school libraries are trying to develop their collections to meet these needs as best they can. If you look at the checklist of those things Johnson feels PL libraries need to cater for – there are already things that my school library does that is hopefully catering for these PL users.

Ø stock without prejudice – well, this may be my delusion, but I hope that I am open to new formats – I have already looked to acquisitioning more graphic novels and manga to appeal to the visual readers

Ø support gaming for instruction and recreation – already doing this.

Ø allow the use of personal communication devices and provide wireless connection – wireless connection is there and with the DER most students have access to laptops above year 9. Many students bring their ipods to “help” them study

Ø teach the necessary skills for effective communication – obviously an ongoing process and needs to be supported by the whole staff and not just the TL

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