Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day One Session One 2011

I have a cold, it is raining and I ache all over. Not a particularly auspicious beginning to my studies for 2011.

I have managed to navigate around, under and through a few technical boulders, or roadblocks. For some unknown reason I must have put my incorrect birthdate down with the uni and so trying to access a loans request was proving particularly difficult. After an hour on hold with Student Central, the lovely Natalie was brilliant and helped me with my Homer Simpson moment. D'oh.

So hopefully it will be a lot easier from now on - and much less frustrating - although I am sure having a head that feels and functions like a lead balloon is not conducive to studying or feeling on top of your game.

At least Sid and Annie are extremely sympathetic and encourage me to spend plenty of time with them under the doona!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Take Two!!

Well so much has happened since the last (and only) post.

Africa was fabulous. Great experience and hope very much to visit there again. Above is a picture of gorgeous Lydia, whom I sponsor at the School of St Judes in Tanzania.

Came back to find starting at a new school and studying all too much. So withdrew from the semester and the subjects I had enrolled. My concerns were seemingly well founded.

Yet, there was a silver lining in the dark cloud. I applied for and was successful in being appointed as Teacher/Librarian at Elizabeth Macarthur High School. At the beginning of 2010 I certainly did not think that that was where my life would eventually lead.

So it is Session One 2011, I am enrolled in the Graduate Certificate of Teacher/Librarianship rather than the Masters I had originally intended to complete. I am, once again, taking up my blog in the hopes that it will focus the mind on the issues I need to consider.

Alas, I have already hit a couple of technical glitches which has caused some consternation. I have been desperately trying to access the CSU library and look at the readings for the topics in this subject- but it seems that my student ID / PIN doesn't work. URGGHHHH! Hopefully all will be resolved tomorrow.